France FR

Scope of intervention

Sycomore Corporate Finance advises Nutravalia and its shareholders

Date of closing

June 2022

CAPZA, a leading player in private equity investments in European SMEs, acquires a significant stake in Nutravalia, a French laboratory specialising in food supplements and parapharmacy products.


Nutravalia has developed a highly effective omnichannel distribution strategy, using digital technology to launch and develop its brands, before moving into pharmacies and parapharmacies. This strategy, coupled with a continuous innovation effort and a customer-centric approach, has enabled the Group to experience strong growth (+54% per year on average since 2015) and to make its mark on highly competitive markets in just a few years.

With CAPZA’s support, Nutravalia aims to accelerate the development of Luxéol in France, to launch the brand internationally (starting with Spain and Italy) and to consolidate the position of Anaca3 in France, notably through a strong innovation pipeline and regular new product launches.

Nutravalia at a glance

Founded in 2015 by two brothers, Samuel and Michel Bouskila, Nutravalia designs, develops and markets products dedicated to well-being and beauty (food supplements, cosmetics, shampoos). The Group has successfully launched two specialised brands that have rapidly entered the pharmacies and parapharmacies network: Luxéol, a major player in the hair care segment, and Anaca3, leader in the slimming segment.

Capza at a glance

Created in 2004, CAPZA is an established European private investment platform focused on small and mid-cap companies. Through the CAPZA Flex Equity funds, CAPZA offers flexible financing solutions combining majority or minority equity, convertible bonds, and mezzanine financing to support the development projects of small & mid cap companies with an EBITDA generally comprised between €4m and €12m.