Mergers and Acquisitions

We have advised in some of the most important and industry-defining transactions in France and in Europe

We offer a full range of premium and tailored M&A services to both companies and shareholders in order to help them achieve their strategic goals. We cover all the areas of Mergers & Acquisitions, including buy-side and sell-side advisory, merger structuring, alliances and joint-ventures, public-to-private transactions and anti-takeover defence.

We have a unique track-record within the Private Equity environment and we are recognised as a leading adviser for financial sponsors and family offices looking for unbiased advice and premium execution capabilities. We also cover a wide spectrum of large corporates to which we bring our independent and tailor-made approach to capital allocation decisions. In that respect, we benefit from a unique transaction expertise across all sectors which allows us to have direct access to the most relevant international buyers.

We assist management teams all along Leveraged Buy-Out transactions from early stage preparation to final negotiations. We provide a full set of investment banking services from identification of potential buyers to optimisation of financing to determination of value creation levers.

We are recognised for our second-to-none expertise in negotiation and implementation of management incentive schemes, and also offer premium advisory services as independent adviser to company’s Board or special committees.

Management advisory

We boast unrivalled expertise in supporting management teams through all the steps of M&A transactions

Capital structure

& Financing advisory

We provide our clients with value creating solutions on their long-term capital structure

We advise our clients on structuring their long-term capital structure in adequacy with their strategic challenges and the execution of their business plan. We assist them in achieving the right equity, debt and hybrid solution-based structure of long-term capital, providing them with the flexibility required to seize value-creating opportunities and to absorb unforeseen shocks.

We provide valuable insight to our clients, their management and their shareholders on the consequences of the relevant financing alternatives available – in particular the possible transfers of risk and value across the different classes of stakeholders – and on the right investment story to build in order to achieve arbitrage opportunities identified on public or private segments of capital markets.

If and when our clients experience financial stress about to interfere with the conduct of their strategic plan, we assist them in raising new money and negotiating consensual solutions about to restore a sustainable long-term capital structure.