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Scope of intervention

Sycomore Corporate Finance acted as exclusive financial advisor to Dumont Investissement

Date of closing

December 2020
In December 2020, Dumont Investissement, the majority shareholder of Groupe SAMSE, a leading French building materials and construction equipment retailer, has announced the realisation of the reorganisation of its shareholding base consisting in a share buyback of approximately 23% of its share capital.

The transaction will be mainly financed through the implementation of loans, with maturity ranging between 5 to 7 years, at Dumont Investissement level, granted by major French banks, as well as private debt providers. The remaining financing of the transaction (ca. 25%) will be conducted using the receipts from the exceptional dividend distribution conducted by Groupe SAMSE and announced in November 2020.

Furthermore, Dumont Investissement announced that it will pursue its efforts to open its share capital to its managers allowing them to further benefit from Groupe SAMSE’s future performance, through the implementation of a co-investment plan at Dumont Investissement level available for all employees of Groupe SAMSE. To date, over 200 managers are in the process of subscribing to this co-investment plan.


  • Pursue the reorganisation of Dumont Investissement shareholding base, following the acquisition of a 21.13% stake in Groupe SAMSE by Dumont Investissement in February 2020 from BME France (former CRH France Distribution), to further support Groupe SAMSE’s growth strategy in the coming years

SAMSE at a glance

SAMSE is a leading French company specialized in the distribution of building materials and equipment for both professionals and individual customers. It operates on 2 complementary segments: wholesale business and DIY business; and distributes its products through an extensive network of over 350 outlets covering 55 departments in France. SAMSE conducts its operations through a portfolio of 25 brands and employs over 5,770 people. In 2019, SAMSE reported €1,499m of revenues and €114m of EBITDA (post IFRS 16).

Dumont Investissement at a glance

Dumont Investissement, a holding company, Is the historical majority shareholder of SAMSE. It was set-up in 1988 within the framework of the RES (“Reprise d’Entreprise par ses Salariés”) implemented by SAMSE’s employees. Following the acquisition, in February 2020, of 21.13% stake in Groupe SAMSE from BME France (former CRH France Distribution), it currently holds 77,30 % of Groupe SAMSE’s capital.